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Minimum Requirements/Steps

  • Minimum 2 Partners
  • Minimum 2 Designated Partners
  • Atleast 1 of the Designated Partners shall be Indian Resident
  • If a body corporate is a Partner, it has to nominate a natural person as its Nominee
  • The Partners and Designated Partners can be same person
  • There is no concept of share capital, but there has to be some sort of contribution from each Partner
  • DIN (Director Identification Number) for all the Designated Partners
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for all the Designated Partners

Steps involved in formation of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Step No. Steps
Starting Documentation
  • Discussion between BMC Team & Partners of LLP
  • Checking document requirement and availability
  • Preparation and Sending of signing documents by BMC
  • Purchasing stamp paper and Signing of the documents by Partners
  • Notarization of the documents by the Partners
  • Sending Signed/Notarized documents by Partners to BMC
DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
Getting DSC for all of the Designated Partners for digital Signing of the Incorporation documents
DIN (Director Identification Number)
Getting DIN for all the Designated Partners
Preparation of Main Object & Name Availability Search
  • Preparation of Main Object of LLP by BMC
  • The Partners have to provide atleast 4 (four) unique names for LLP name search
  • To make an online search for availability of names
  • Partners confirmation of draft main object and final names
Application for Name Availability
  • Filing of Form 1 with the concerned ROC
Incorporation Process:
  • After ROC's approval for name of the LLP, filing Incorporation documents with the ROC
  • Online uploading of e-Forms
  • Payment of Registration fees
  • Receiving Incorporation Certificate by email
Post-Incorporation Process:
  • Drafting LLP Agreement by BMC
  • Confirmation of LLP Agreement by the Partners
  • Signing of LLP Agreement
  • Filing of Form 3